Day 7


We woke up around 7 and had breakfast but this time we got to have doughnuts instead of the usual breakfast. The doughnuts were massive compared to regular ones. After we ate breakfast we went to really really dirty beach. The beach not only had a ton of trash all over it but the water had developed sargasm seaweed which smells like rotten eggs. It smelt very bad and I felt really bad for the people that lived on the beach which seemed to be a lot. Iv and I worked together and picked up various things like bottle caps to pipes that had washed up on the beach. One of the strangest things I picked up and out in the trash pile was a portable sink for a Porto-potty. I have no idea how that could wash up on a beach. We spent around 2 hours cleaning up the beach and when we finished you could tell we made a major dent but it still needs a lot of work. We then got in the taxi and went to go eat at the marina. After we ate lunch at the marina we shopped around for about an hour and bought t-shirts. After this we went back to the hotel and got to have around 5 hours of free time which was really nice since we didn’t get any the whole trip. We all hung out at the beach and after went to the internet room to play monopoly. It was really nice to just chill out after such a packed week. After free time we started getting ready for dinner at nice restaurant on the beach. The dinner was really good and they had really good food like ribs, fish and Mac and cheese. After eating we watch a 20 minute farewell video Casey put together which was really cool to watch. I thought she did a great job summing up the whole trip in 20 minutes. After the video, Doc gave a speech on how thankful he was for the dive staff and almost shed a tear which would have made it a lot better. It was really sad after all that we were leaving such a beautiful place though. After saying our goodbyes we headed back to the resort and went to the Internet room. We told riddles in the Internet room for about 2 hours which was really fun. We then went back to our cabins, but on the way Brock hid behind a rock to try to scare Marc Riccione. Marc was walking alone in pitch dark with his iPhone light on and Brock jumped around rock and scared him to death, it was the funniest part of the trip. This incident made me realize that I’m going to miss hanging out with these guys everyday as well as diving. We then walked back to our cabins and went to sleep early since we had to wake up early the next day for our flight. On this trip I learned more about being a man for others because in the water I had to think about dive partner constantly and make sure he’s ok. I also realized how amazing this opportunity actually was and to not take it for granted. I had a great time on this tip and I’m going to miss the BVI.