Day 7-8 Cantu Blog


Today started off with great thick donuts. The donuts did not taste like any regular donut, it was 100x better. After breakfast, we headed to a beach that was covered in trash and smelt like rotten boiled eggs. At first it was unbearable, but realizing that it was for a better cause wiped that pain all away. The beach smelt the way it did because of the sargassum or the red algae washed up close to the beach. The sargassum usually does this every year but this year it is way longer, lasting for mor than six months, where it usually last for about 3. It was two hours of cleaning and I just walked around with a trash bag, picking up anything that looked like trash. When we were done, we headed to the marina to eat lunch. I ate a great cheese burger and fries. Soon after, we had time to buy souvenirs. I bought two shirts. We then headed back to Guava Berry for down time. We had about 4 hours to do whatever we wanted to do. A couple of friends and I went to the Internet room and relaxed. It was really nice just relaxing and reflecting on the whole trip. When the four hours were up we went back to our cabins and got ready dinner. Dinner was great. It was a buffet full of chicken, fish, rice, bread, and a lot of other foods. When dinner was over, we watched a wonderful twenty minute video of our past week. It was exciting seeing the photos and videos along with the music. It was also really sad. I really missed home, but I also really loved it here with Dive BVI, Casey, Gaz, Beth, Becca, Doc, Golab, Jeff, all my friends, and all the staff. This whole experience was indescribable. I would love to do it all over again. After the video was over, we ate breakfast and headed back to our cabins without writing our blogs. Currently I’m in the San Juan airport after flying from the BVI to here. Our flight leaves at 4 30 and we’ve been here since 11. I’m still reminiscing over the week while listening to The Fray. It’s a great combination. Ttyl Brb.