Day 7: Ayres, I can’t thank everyone enough


Had a nice sleep in this morning. I got to have the normal breakfast with some massive donuts, like mini cakes. After that, we all packed into Glen’s taxi and went down to the water filtration site which sat right on the water front. There, we swept the beach for 2 hours looking for trash to pick up. All the while, we had the wonderful scent or sargassum, the most foul smelling algae in the entire ocean, it makes rotten meat smell delicious by comparison. Thankfully, after a while, I got used to the scent and was able to work without having to worry about the millions upon millions of olfactory cells that were dying inside my nose. In the middle of the work, we got a nice 15 minute break to snack down a Rice Krispie treat and some Gatorade before heading off to help clean the beach. Towards the end, me, Jeff, Miles, and several other guys went to take up a line used to tie down larger ships to dock. It was probably 40-50 feet long and weighed a good bit but since we had so many people, the only hard part was not letting it get caught on the ground or in a tree. After we got that rope back and off the beach, we took a team photo, all dirty and muddy from towing a rope covered in muddy sand. Once we finished the the service, we got to go back to our houses and have a free afternoon. After I paid my snack bill, I decided to head down to the beach and chill there for an hour or two. After that, I headed back to the house, took a well needed shower, got dressed for dinner. We took Glen’s taxi to this “Mermaid” joint and got to have a delicious buffet dinner or coleslaw, ribs, fish, chicken, mac n cheese, rice, and rolls. Once we had all finished dinner, we saw the slideshow Casey put together for us, we had a few speeches about being missed and how much we appreciated everything the instructors did for us, and we had some desert, said our goodbyes to the instructors we wouldn’t be seeing the next morning, and went back to the houses to finish packing and go to sleep. I personally wanted to say thanks to all the crew and Casey for letting us have such an amazing experience. Thanks Jeff for all the life lessons. Thanks Gaz for the pretty hilariously butchered “Southern Accent.” Thanks Beth for all the stories and wisdom behind many things like the Rhone, and especially for all those delicious cupcakes you made for us. Thanks Becca for being fun to chat with and making fun of my use of the word “wing span.” And of course, thank you very much Casey for all the work you did in front and behind the stage, the trip was amazing and, if I can make enough money, I hope to come back next year and open up a bit more. Thanks Doc and Golab for all the witty comments, the Beevis and Butthead joke, and in general, making this a spectacular trip that I am so happy I was able to go on. Thanks everyone for being awesome, and I hope to see most of you again next year. And Gaz, if you or someone who can contact you is reading this, drink a FRESCA pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.