Final Day Marine Bio Lynch


Today, we woke up to a bunch of donuts that Casey brought us, which was awesome. This made everyone enjoy breakfast even more than usual. After breakfast, we headed to a beach to pick up trash for our service project. This certain beach was where one hundred percent of the islands fresh water comes from, so it is very important that it is clean. Also, because there is an abundance of sargasm moss, it smells and is very dirty. For these reasons, all of us felt like it was very important to clean this beach as well as possible. The work was tough, but we cleaned for a solid two hours and I can honestly say I felt like we really made a difference. After this, we went to a restaurant on the beach for lunch, and I ordered an amazing cheeseburger. Then, we were given free time for the rest of the afternoon. During this time, a bunch of us just spent it lounging at the beach for the rest of the day. At five o’clock, we had to say goodbye to the beach for the final time and go shower for dinner. For dinner, we went to the mermaid, which is a restaurant on the ocean where we were able to eat in buffet lines and get as much food as we wanted. This was awesome, because one scoop of mac n cheese was not enough. After dinner, Casey showed us a recap of the week through a video she made of photos taken throughout the trip. It was amazing to see everything we had done and I enjoyed the video very much. Then, several people, including myself, stood up to speak and thank everyone for the trip and then the good byes started. After all of this, we went home and just went to bed. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with the Dive BVI staff and I wouldn’t have changed one person on the Dive BVI staff that was chosen for the trip. I would like to personally thank them all and specifically Casey and Jeff for putting up with us for the week and making this trip an amazing experience.