I Marshall, Day 05 and 06


Since we worked on our group project last night and our group didn’t have enough time to do our blogs, I am writing about day five and six in this blog. Yesterday started off strong because breakfast at house tamarind consisted of the usual with a special treat from Miles and Wyatt. They both bought twenty four eggs for everyone, and prepared them to perfection. After breakfast we went to the boats and rode to the RMS Rhone. The RMS Rhone was about a three hundred foot boat that sunk in 1867 because the second worst hurricane hit the BVI. All the passengers but one died and twenty two seamen lived. It was really exciting to go on this dive because we got to go through the boat and see all the marine life that has grown and existed on it since. I got a bunch of cool gopro videos of me going through it as well. I saw a sting ray and a massive lobster that live in the wreck. After dive one, we went to the ginger steps and saw some sharks. We saw many animals, but most notably we saw Caribbean reef sharks. I got some cool selfies and videos of the sharks. I learned that if you sit on the bottom of the sea and slow your breathing down, the sharks tend to come closer. After that dive, we went to my Island… Cooper Island. We had a fantastic meal of fish and chips and hung out on the island. We went on a snorkel on Cooper Island and it was so cool. I met my favorite fish, the spotted drum fish. My group also played a great game of hakey sack with Gaz. After Cooper Island, we came back and worked on our projects and then we had Mexican food on the beach. Beginning day six, Everyone got to get up thirty minutes later than usual, and House Lime tree made breakfast. After breakfast we were all briefed on turtle conservation and tagging in the commissary by Dr. Gore. We learned allot about the turtles and how the population has decreased significantly because of humans. We also learned that there used to be allot of species but now there is only seven and one of the seven has a soft shell. After the briefing, we went turtle tagging. We were drug by the boat to spot turtles and then catch them by putting our hands under their flippers. Reece, Luke, Jack, Bobby, and I were the first group today and I was lucky enough to be the only one too catch a turtle. It was extremely tiring and my legs were on fire but it was very rewarding to be able to catch Francis. I also got to tag him which was a fun experience. After turtle tagging, we went to savannah bay and learned about vertebrates. The most interesting one was the sea urchin. After snorkeling we went back to our houses and showered up. After showering, we got with our project groups and practiced our presentations for two hours. After practice time, we all met up in the commissary and did our presentation in front of the Dive BVI staff and our teachers. I was nervous, but after it was over with, a huge amount of stress was let off. I think my group did really well, and I learned allot about fish behavior along the way. After every group was done with thier presentations, we ate pizza at the beach and hung out. Today was so much fun!