Day 6 Marine Bio Lynch


Today started out with breakfast at our house, the Lime House. We set up the table with the same things as the other days. After breakfast, my boat, the Sea Monkey, was dropped at the docks to go sea turtle tagging. My tagging group, of myself, Cooper, Bobby, Reese, and Luke. We are basically professional turtle taggers after the trip. We started by getting in the water and immediately getting stung by jelly fish. Then they threw us water skiing ropes and dragged us behind the boat until we saw a turtle. Reese and I spotted it and dove down to grab it but it swam away and eventually Cooper brought it up to the surface. It was a blast, learning all about the turtles and how the tagging process works. After all of that, we left the docks and traveled by car to Savannah Bay. Savannah Bay is a beach on Tortola, where Casey taught our group about several different Invertebrates. Then we went into the water and enjoyed a snorkel of the reef. It was really interesting because the reef was in incredibly shallow water and had some awesome invertebrates. After the snorkel, we went home and it was straight business from then on. We had to present our projects at five, which is twenty five percent of our grade. My group of myself,Cooper, Bobby, Reese, and Luke wore collared shirts, to dress appropriately for the business meeting we were walking in to. Personally, I felt like the presentation went very well and all of us remembered our parts, so a heavy weight was lifted off of all of our shoulders. After the presentations, we all went to the beach for pizza and some cupcakes that Beth made. Then the day was done, and overall today was awesome because I can honestly say I learned the most today about different things and about the ocean itself.