Day 5&6 – Ellison


Yesterday we had two dives, the Rhone and Ginger Steps. The Rhone was a shipwreck that occurred in 1867 that killed everyone on board besides one. The ship was sunk by the second largest hurricane the islands have ever had. The dive was declared a national park for scuba divers and has been a sanctuary for several species of fish and coral. Ginger Steps was a little more exciting because when we descended we wee surrounded by several Carribean reef sharks and nurse shark. That sharks clearly did not want to attack us, and showed no aggressive movements, but just being among them got the adrenaline pumping. After we swam with the sharks we went to eat at Cooper Island. At Cooer Island we ate lunch at a beach club and had fish and chips. The chips turned out to be French fries and the fish was fried Mahi Mahi. The food was actually really good and afterwards we went snorkeling. During the snorkel Casy said the first one to find a Sea Horse would make 50 dollars. Of course, I spent the entire time looking for the sea horse, but not a single one was found. Although we struck out, the dive was not a complete waste. While looking for the sea horses, we saw an eagle Ray and two green turtles. The eagle Ray was massive with white dots on it and it just glided through the water. After the snorkel we headed back to the hotel where we would work on our project for the remainder of the day. Our project had been completed for a couple of days, but this was the first time we were able to compile the data to create of presentation. The next day Lime Tree woke up ready to make breakfast, but Jack had already done it. We helped with whatever was left, but he did the majority. After breakfast we went to the wifi room, where we meet Dr. Gore, a conservationists that works to tag endangered turltles. She had a presentation prepared that told us the history of the Carribean turtles and the fact that most turltles species are endangered. After the presentation team Sea Monkey left to try to capture turtles to tag had release them. When we got in the water, five of us would be towed until we saw a turtle and then we chased it tirelessly until someone grabbed. Team Sea Turlte saw and caught one, while Sea Dragon saw two and were not able to capture a turtle. Once we got the turtle on board, we tagged it and implanted a chip that would track it. Once we arrived back at the harbor we left for Savanna Bay. At Savannah Bay we had sandwiches for lunch and then learned about invertebrates. We were able to handle different invertebrates and leant about their history. Then we went snorkeling off the beach for 45 minutes to pass the time. After we snorkeled we went back to our houses and prepared for our presentations. After we showered we agreed that we would act as if it was a business trip and dressed in church clothes. At the presentation we were the only professional looking group and we ready to go. Although I was very nervous our presentation went as well as it could have and I am pretty sure we got a great grade. After the presentation we proceed to head to the beach where we had pizza for dinner while we discussed the remaining days of the trip.