Day 5 Marine Biology Lynch


Today was the best day yet. It seems like every day gets better and more interesting. It started the same, with breakfast and a ride to the dock. Once there, we rode the boat to the wreck of the Rhone. The wreck of the Rhone is a ship that sunk in the 1800’s because of a hurricane. When we dove this site, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once we got down there the ship was massive. The ship was about five times the size I was expecting, and full of life. We swam down the mast and into the center of the ship, where we saw massive lobster, full grown spotted drum, and several other species. Then, we went to the propeller of the boat and we were able to see the newest technology of the time. After the dive, we packed up the boat and headed to the second dive sight. While on the way, my dive leader Beth told the entire boat the story of how the Rhone sank in a hurricane. I was blown away and then we arrived at the second dive sight. Right when we jumped in the water, we saw a nurse shark on our descend. During the dive, we were met by three other coral reef sharks that came within five feet of us. It was insane to see a real shark in person this close to my face. For this reason, this was my favorite dive of the entire trip. After the dive, we went to a restaurant on Cooper island and ate the best fish and chips I have ever eaten in my life. Then, we went on a snorkel, and Bobby and I saw several turtles, an eagle Ray, and a barracuda. The eagle Ray was my favorite part because I have always heard how amazing they are but this was the first time I’ve ever seen one. After the snorkel, we went home and showered before going to the beach to enjoy Mexican food. The Mexican food was great, but the view was better. Overall, it was the best day because of the dives and the things we did in between them.