Day 6 Blog Cantu


Today started off with me waking up at 7 but not knowing breakfast got moved to 8 am not 7:30 am, so I jumped back in bed until 7 45. It was the same breakfast; however, I did not eat anything because I was tired of it. We then headed to a meeting about Turtles in the internet room at 8:45. It was great listening about the life cycle of a turtle. I did not know about how they go on journeys across oceans, sometimes more than 5,000 miles, and eventually back to their birthplace to find a mate. Afterwards, the Sea Monkey Group, and the Sea Dragon group split up, where Sea Monkey went turtle catching and we, Sea Dragon, went to Savannah Beach to study invertebrates. While down there, snorkeling, we found jelly fishes, shrimps, slugs, sea pearls, and sea urchins. It was nice learning about each one individually. Soon after, we ate sandwiches and headed to the docks to get ready to turtle catch. There were five water skiing ropes and one person held on to one, while Gaz drove the boat. When we started, all five of us, Brock, Miles, Doc, Wyatt, and I, jumped in a jelly fish field. It stung all over my body. We held on, and were drugged thru these huge fields of jelly fishes. I got slapped by one on my upper lip. It was hard looking for turtles when it felt like we were flying thru the water and water entering your snorkel. In reality, we were only going like 3 miles an hour. We were done and let the other group do it. They had the same problem as us too! We were heading back , but Gaz let us do it one more time to try and find a turtle for turtle tagging. We found a turtle and it was literally under me. I dove down to try and get it, but I was scared. It stayed in the same spot and I alerted everybody. I looked down and it was still there. After 1 minute, more people came and scared it away. It swam so fast. We could not find it again, so we got back on the boat and went back to Virgin Gorda. We headed back to our homes and took a shower. When I was done, I headed to the Internet room and my partners and I worked on our project. At around 5:15 we were up first for our project presentation. It was tough and exhausting. Hopefully our group gets a good grade. When each group was done with our presentation, we headed to the beach for dinner. We ate pizza and it was fulfilling. I think I ate about 4. Then, Beth made us cup cakes. It was absolutely delicious. After dinner, we headed to the Internet room for our blogs. Because of the situation today with my friends, I feel like today’s lesson is that being nice to each other can make a person’s day easily. Tomorrow I hope it’s special for our last day here. I think we our going to a buffet for dinner, so I look forward to that.