Marine bio Percy 5


Today started with the best breakfast we have had in this trip because Miles cooked eggs that were really good! Because of the fantastic eggs I had high expectations for the day and it didn’t let me down. The two dives for the day we’re going to be ship wreck dives! These dives were insane I recorded ever second of it! The wreck was filled with the most fish I have ever seen in one place, and got to see my first spotted moray eel! On this dive we got to see the Rhone wreck which was briefed by Gaz. He said the ship was a luxury and cargo ship that was deemed unsinkable like the titanic which we all know the history of. This was one of the first steam boats made, interesting factoid. Sparing you a 30 minute history lesson the ship ended up sinking after they tried make it to open ocean, in the event of a hurricane. So now we get to see the wreck and it had turned into what is called an artificial reef now. The last thing I want to add to the ship wreck experienced is that we all rubbed a brass plate clockwise three times with the number of the room that held the only passenger survivor. As you can probably tell the procedures in case of ship wreck were not very effective. In fact counter intuitive. The first class would be locked in their room and the lower class would be strapped to their beds… Is it just me or does this make no logical sense? After getting on the boat as usual we went to lunch and ate fish and chips! Which was fantastic! We then got back in the boat and right next to the same island we snorkeled where I got to see 2 sea turtles, a scrawled cowfish, a peacock shrimp and an eagle ray. We ended the day preparing our project for the presentation the next day and ate a Mexican food meal!