Suarez, day 06


Today there was no run we all got to sleep in also another 30 minutes before we headed to breakfast. Breakfast was the same old same old, and we went through the same routine but with one little mix up, we headed down to the wifi room before we would go to glen who would take us to the docks. The reason behind going to the wifi room first was so we could meet someone from a wildlife foundation to talk to us about how to save turtles and the extinction rate and what we can do to help and just all around educate us about the situation. We would also be tagging turtles by either jumping off of the ship and into the water and or onto them or by being dragged by ropes behind the boat until we spot one and then have people jump off the boat to push it back towards the people who were being dragged behind the boat so at we can surrond the circle someone could attempt to catch it from behind while the person in front or to the side of it distracts it. So after the briefing we divided into teams and left for the dock one team would go. The morning while the other would go to the beach and then the other group while the seniors would go diving with Jeff after the turtle diving, but the marine ones in our group would go to the beach and then the other marine ones would go turtle catching while we hung out with Jeff. Once everybody was situated and everybody knew who was doing what, and where to go, we left for turtle catching. It was a short boat ride to the area we expected to be a lot of turtles. Once we arrived we let the marine one people go in the water so partially that we didn’t get stung by the jellyfish in the area that they did not know about so that we could go in the area with a let fewer jellyfish. Once they were in the water we started to pull them and they hung on for their dear lives to the rope attached to the boat. Soon after we had started pulling them they found a turtle and so we executed the plan we had talked about perfectly. We got the turtle just like the way I talked about earlier and loaded it onto the boat. After we tagged it and injected a microchip into it we put it back into the water and set it free. Once we set it free the marine twos which included me got into the water and Golab also joined us. We had no luck finding a turtle but we did have a pretty good arm workout. After the turtle trip we headed back to the docks where we saw Jeff and had lunch with him while the marine ones and all the other staff and teachers went off to do other things. After we had lunch we went snorkeling and diving with Jeff to check on the reef we set last year. It was very murky but a beautiful place once it cleared up. There was so much life and so many rocks and reef structures, the life that had survived was flourished but there was not a lot that survived the constant pounding of the waves. It was a decent amount tho not to bad but not to good, so we have decided that in the coming years we will have to find a new home for the coral and camera soon, so that we can rapidly speed up the process of the growth rate of the coral, instead of seeing how many of them survive.