Day 5 Blog Cantu


Instead of eating cereal every morning, thanks to Miles, we ate protein– eggs. It was a refreshening boost to my morning. We got to the boat and headed for Rhone Island which contains a shipwreck from 1867. The simplified story is that it was a British Ship, deemed unshakable, headed back to Britain from South America; however, a hurricane came and blinded everything. So the captain assumed hey were in open sea, and in open sea, you are supposed to wait the storm out. As they were headed out, they hit a rock and it sunk the ship. Every single passenger died except one out of 300. All the crew lived except the captain, even though they did not know how to swim. We dive twice at the same wreck because it is that big. So as we were down there, I was a little nervous and scared for possible ghosts and spirits. The ship wreck became an artificial reef. It was spilling wild life. At one point, when I was inside in a little tunnel, there was a school of fish, moving simultaneously. The school was moving so quickly around the human bodies moving thru them. It was a beautiful sight to see. I rubbed the lucky 26 window the lone survivor escaped from…pretty bone chilling. After we were done diving, we headed for Cooper Island. Cooper island is definitely the coolest island I’ve been to so far. It’s really clean and luxurious. We ate fish and chips (fries). It was good. Afterwards, I ate the delicious ice cream on the island. We then headed back to Virgin Gorda and prepared for our project. At 6:30 we headed to the beach four dinner. It was a “Mexican” night… When we finished dinner, all of us just chilled on the beach, talking. It was great and relaxing. Today brought new challenges like going into the shipwreck. So today I felt like my big idea was trust. Trust in your friends, family, teachers, and especially God. Tomorrow I look forward to a new day filled with excitement, hopefully aiding in the process of becoming Men For Others.