Marshall, Day 04


After a tired night without a fierce monopoly game, house Lime Tree got up at seven in the morning to a honey bun and cereal breakfast with the rest of the houses. After breakfast, we had a small break to get ready and then we headed to the marina. On boat Sea Monkey, Jeff briefed us on our exciting first dive for the day. We went to wreck alley. Wreck alley was a 85-90 foot dive with ship wrecks done on purpose for artificial marine environments. We swam around these wrecks observing how the ocean affects the metal and materials that were on the boat. The boats were warped and bent because the rust had weakened the structure and it was covered in marine life that had grown on it since the early nineties. We went under one of the ships and it was really cool. At the end of the dive, I saw a huge stingray. We returned to the boat and had a fifty minute surface interval. After that, we headed to our next dive location at Cistern rock. This dive was challenging because we had to swim against a very strong current for the first half of the dive, but it was rewarding because we got to ride it back. On the ride back I noticed more interesting creatures like barracudas, barrel sponges, huge tarpen, and different types of coral. After the dive, we returned to the beach for some beach games. It was every house for themselves. After dodgeball, pictionary, night snorkel, and scuba dress up; team Lime tree and Miles came in first and we got cool hats. After all of that we went back and got ready for mass in our cabins. Mass was very different in the BVI, and I really liked experiencing how they celebrate it. After Mass, we had a fantastic dinner at the top of the baths and saw a fire dancing performance after. This day was super tiring, but it had the most fun activities packed in it.