Day 4 – Ellison


The day began with frosted flakes and fruit again, while we waited for the bus to take us to the harbor. Once we were at the harbor we loaded the boats with all the scuba gear and departed for our first dive. Setting up our gear Jeff gave us an overview of the dive site. Our first dive site, Wreck Alley, which is an artificial wreck site used to create coral reefs. Once in the water we descended to around 85 feet, our deepest dive, and the wrecked ship finally emerged out of the deep blue water. We were not allowed to go inside, but we circled the ship looking at all the marine life. Near the bottom, a lionfish which is an invasive species, was sitting in a piece of wreckage and when Jeff came over he speared the fish. The lionfish kills parrot fish which directly affects the coral, so every time one is spotted, it is killed. Later in the dive we noticed a large stingray hiding in the sand. After about 40 minutes we were running out of air and ascended to the surface. Once we got back to the boat we left for our next dive. Cistern point, our next site, had very strong currents that provided some challenges we would have to overcome. To begin the dive we decided to swim into the current. Although we would have to work hard, at the end of the dive when we were low on air, we could ride the current back to the boat. On the dive we mostly saw small reef fish, with the exception of a couple barracudas and tarpon. Cistern point was definitely the most exhausting dive for me so far on the trip. When we got back to Guavaberry we all meet at the beach. Then the group leaders announced that we were going to have a tournament of activities and whoever collected the most points would get a prize. The activities consisted of dodgeball, pictionary, and relay races. Out of all four activities my team and I won 3 of the 4 activities. With the most points, we all received hats and bragging rights over all of the other cabins. We then all went to our cabins to get ready for mass. After mass, we went out to dinner and watched a fire performance. Three men juggled and twirled fire while dancing to a song. With everything in perspective, the day was full of learning experiences and I had a great time with everyone on the trip.