Burrow- day4


 today we woke and had breakfast at mango house. Afterwards we went on our dive and today we had two amazing dives. Our first dive was a fun dive and we got down to 90 feet! Down there we saw four Caribbean reef sharks and they got pretty close. After we looked at the sharks and everyone calmed down from the terror of being 10 feet away from sharks we swam over a crest and saw a huge eagle Ray. Apparently they aren’t very common so that was the highlight of the dive. Eagle rays are 6 feet across and they are black with white spots on there backs. After the eagle Ray got away from us we went over and checked out the lobsters and I got stung by fire coral trying to get down between some rocks to get a picture. That concluded the first dive and after Narc Riccione got sea sick on our surface interval we were ready to jump in on our project dive. On this dive we did two project sites the same as yesterday, marking off a section of stag horn coral and counting the herbivores that fed through. After the project portion we swam around and found a nurse shark hiding under a rock. We got really close to this shark and it was really cool. We surfaced and headed back to guavaberry where we walked down to the beach for lunch. After lunch we had house games and since my house only has two people in it we were alowed to choose what house we wanted to play for. I chose to play for lime tree house and we renamed our tree to fresca. Fresca team was made up of Jack lynch, Bobby Wunderlick, Cooper Marshal, and Reece Ellison, and myself. The first game was water balloon dodgeball which was the only game we thought we had a chance of winning. The only problem was the water balloons would not break so we were just slugging each other with indestructible water balloons. We ended up loosing because somewhere in the middle of the game there was a rules change that put the odds heavily in our opponents favor and they were able to capitalize. We ended up in third place and a little dejected that we lost the only game we thought we could win. Heading into sand pictionary we were bent but not broken. We sped through the five pictionary animals with ease and won first place. Third game was a relay race at first I was going to sub out and let bobby take the 4th position but after examining what the course was bobby confronted me and requested that I do the activity with the running. I took the first leg and didn’t break stride once not even to put my snorkel mask on the swim was difficult but I had a pretty big lead. I finished my leg with a commanding lead from there on out it was a race for second, the other houses stood no chance. The third event was called blind snorkeler and it was for double points. We had to guide a teammate through an obstacle course and out into the ocean around a buoy and back with out touching him and he being blind folded. Jack was our blind snorkeler and we guided him through that course with efficiency never seen before. Double points for house fresca. The last event was a victory lap for us on account of the fact that we were ahead by more points than this contest was worth. We ended the games winning every event except for the one that we thought we had the best chance of winning. The stellar staff from dive BVI gave us hats for winning and Doc claims to have given us respect. We showered up and headed to mass at a small church at the top of this hill overlooking the ocean and then went down to dinner. We all ate Mahi and ice cream and then watched some fire dancers do a show. We walked back to guavaberry and headed to bed. Tomorrow we dive the wreck.