Day 4- Scarcella


Today my cabin was in charge of preparing breakfast for the group, and everything went smoothly. Afterwards Glen picked us up, and we headed off to the marina. Once on the boat, Gaz told us we would be diving at the infamous ginger steps, a dive site known to be home to many very large fish species. We were told that on the dive we would be searching for Caribbean Reef sharks, and that there was a possibility to See Eagle Rays. Well, on our dive we did just that, and ended up seeing 6 reef sharks and an Eagle Ray! This dive was also the deepest dive of the entire trip, and our final recorded depth was 91 feet! Because we were on the open ocean for this dive, a few of the passengers on our boat becam seasick due to the choppiness of the water(Mark). Next we headed off to the other side of ginger island where we would be having our 2nd project dive. Before we got in the water, Matt, Miles, David and I discussed our project procedure, and determined that we would need to track fish species around staghorn coral today. The dive was highly successful, and we noted there were a lot more Parrotfish on the today’s dive. After That was finished we had some time to explore, and that’s when I found a nurse shark hiding under a large coral outcropping. Gaz later told us that it was a only juvenile nurse shark, despite the fact that it was nearly 4 feet long. Next we headed back to the marina where we unloaded the boat, and were picked up by Glen to have lunch on the beach. We basically had the same lunch as yesterday, which was great because yesterday’s lunch was awesome. After it was over, Casey informed us we would all be participating in the first ever Jesuit games. Basically, we were separated into our house groups, where we competed in a series of challenges including an obstacle course, water balloon dodgeball, and pictionary. In the end, limetree won it all. Dinner was excellent, I had a grilled Mahi fillet, and afterwards we watched an insanely cool fire dancing performance. I can’t wait for our shipwreck dive tomorrow, and to finally get some well deserved sleep.