Day 4- Pontikes


My fourth day in the BVI started the same as usual, with a breakfast at 7:30 in the mango cabin. The breakfast was the same as every other day with cereal, fruit, and pastries. After breakfast we met our taxi driver at 8:30 near the entrance of the resort and he took us down to the marina, where Casey, Jeff, and the dive crew were waiting to take us out to some new dive spots. It took us a little while to get all the way out to our fist dive spot, called Ginger Island. The water around Ginger Island was very turbulent and gave me a nauseous feeling, fortunately we did not have to stay in the boat. Once in the water I immediately felt better and I was ready to see the huge reef below me. This was the first dive we were going to go fairly deep so I was excited to see what kind of organisms lived at that depth. In the first few minutes of diving I saw a Caribbean reef shark a couple hundred feet away from my dive group, which I found really cool. We toured the rest of the reef for about 45 minutes and then headed back to the boat. Once I was back in the boat I started to feel sea sick again as we headed to the next dive location. Once we arrived at the next location, I couldn’t wait to get off the boat and jump in the cool water. On this dive we recorded types of fish in high depth versus low depths for our dive project. After gathering data on fish, we swam against the current to get back to the boat, which I found hard. After our three minutes safety stop beneath the boat, we boarded the boat again and I instantly felt sick. When we got back to the harbor it was a great relief to be in calm still water again. At the harbor we had to do our normal break down routine, which is when we rinse off the scuba gear, take empty air tanks off, and put full air tanks on the boat. After breaking down the boat, we took a taxi back to our resort where we had a sandwich lunch on the beach. A little while after everyone was done eating, Casey and Jeff set up a series of competitions for each cabin to compete against each other. The first competition was water balloon dodge ball, which was definitely the most fun. The second completion sand pictionary, which is when we drew pictures suck as barracuda and starfish in the sand and our team had to guess it. The third competition was a blind snorkel, which was when David had to snorkel blind folded around a life jack tied off shore. Finally, the last competition was a relay that was exhausting. We had to slide down a mat covered in water and oil, run around around a pole, swim around the life jacket, run up a hill, barrel role down the hill, and run back to tag our team mate. After we were done with competitions we were given an about hour to clean up for church. When the hour was up we all met at the usual spot for the taxi to pick us up and take us to church. The church was in a beautiful spot. It was built on top a huge hill and over looked the island. I thought going to mass after a long day of scuba diving was very refreshing. The mass service was very nice and a little different than what I was used to. After mass was over Glen, our taxi driver, picked us up out side the church and took us to the restaurant at the baths. At the restaurant I was served Mahi, rice, a side salad and I thought it was delicious. When we were done with our meal they served us ice cream with chocolate sauce for desert. After we finished our desert we were able to watch a fire dancer performance, which was a great way to end the night. Today ended up being very fun, eventhough during the first half of the day I did not feel the best. By the end of the day I was feeling great, but exhausted. Once again I am looking forward to what tomorrow’s event will be.