Sauer Day 4


Today, I woke up at 7:00, got ready, and walked to the Mango cabin for a breakfast of cereal, Honey Buns, and oranges. After breakfast, I rode to the marina and boarded the Sea Dragon. Then, I rode to our first dive site, a place called Ginger Steps. During the dive, I saw a four foot Caribbean Reef Shark, and dove to a depth of 85 feet. Another group saw a five foot eagle ray, but I did not see it. After the dive, I had a snack and rode to our next dive site. However, the sea was rough, with about 3 foot swells, and the whole boat felt a bit seasick. One person on my research team got very seasick, and could not dive with everyone else. My research team, minus that one person, took more surveys of fish in the reef, and got more valuable data about fish color. That dive was about 30 feet deep and most of the fish seen were fairly small, but colorful reef fish. After that dive, I rode back to the marina and walked to the beach near the hotel. Once there, I had a lunch of a ham sandwich and chips. After lunch I had a hour long break, and I swam in the water near the beach with other people. After the break, everyone met on the beach for a competition between the cabins. The competition was a series of games such as dodgeball, pictionary, a game where we guided a blindfolded person around the beach and the water, and a relay obstacle course. Out team got second on these preliminary rounds, so we advanced to a final round where we raced to put on scuba gear. Our cabin also got second on that, and we won some sunglasses holders for our necks. After the competition, I took a shower and got ready for church. I rode to church at 5:15, and that lasted for about an hour. The church was in a cool location, on top a large hill so you could see all of the surrounding town and other islands on the horizon. After church, I then went to a restaurant near the Baths and had mahi mahi with rice and a salad for dinner. After dinner, I watched some fire dancers perform for about 15 minutes. They had a really cool act where they swung around flaming chains in mesmerizing patterns. After the performance, I walked back to my cabin for the night.