We Suarez, day 4


Today we had breakfast at the mango cabin which was quite the walk. We had the usual, cereal and water and fruit. Then we headed down to glen who was waiting to take us to the docks, which was exciting because today we were going to go scuba diving at the shipwreck areas. The trip to the shipwrecks was quite the haul, it took probably about 30-45 minutes to get there. Once we arrived we prepped for the dive. We were going to be at 90-95 feet for our max depth on this depth we would also be seeing three sunken ships and we would get to go inside of one of them. So once Jeff explained our route that we would take and our safety stop and all the other details and things to be aware of and look out for we began to suit up. While suiting up a storm came out of no where showering us in cold rain, it was an eerie feeling because it was overcast and the whole ocean seemed to come alive and swell up, the rain battered the ocean surface making it impossible to see through the surface at first. We jumped into the raging ocean one by one hanging on to the yellow line that kept us close to the boat so that the current didn’t drag us away. Once everybody was in the water we were about to descend when suddenly the storm stopped and the clouds parted and ocean waves faded, it was equivalent to that of the calm after the storm, the sun struck down warming the waters instantly from the frigid freezing rain that had soaked our bodies and gear. We quickly descended to start the dive the waters were warm even for being so deep. When we were about to reach the about, there was suddenly an enormous amount of fish and sea life and coral and reefs and rocks and grass and other structure it was like diving into a city of walls and weirdly shaped structures that jutted out of the sea bed. Soon we made our way through a part of the maze and found the first ship. I was struck by its massive size! The ship was rusty and was that of what you see in the movies. It was covered in sea life structures and plants and a bunch of other organisms and life supporting systems that I have not even learned about yet, it was incredible! We made our way around the ship and onto the second one the ships lied in almost a pyramid but just about a footballs field away from each other on nothing but a desert bottom and an open empty ocean behind it. Once we made our way around the second ship we saw an enormous amount of deep see fish that were almost the size of me. Then we ran into a pack of barracudas zeroing in on the maze reef in front of all the ships which was behind us. We made it to our third and final ship which was upside down so we swam under through the bottom and up through e ship, it was really cool! There were a lot of fish hiding in there and different plants and glowing organism that I couldn’t identify do to the darkness they were lurking in within the ships walls.  We exited heading towards the maze of walks ahead of us and the first ship once entered the maze it was like being in a huge fish city. There were hundreds and hundreds of fish! We even saw a stingray swimming on the bottom. Once we exited that we had to fight against the current to get to a secluded area were it was a breeding ground for sergeant majors, and that was something spectacular. The fight against the current there was hard but way worth it, the sea life was incredible but we couldn’t stay much longer because being at 90 feet you use your air a lot faster like twice as fast than if you were at 45 feet. So we got to ride the current back which was so sweet because you didn’t even have to move it just carried you, it was like floating on a cloud flying through the sky. Once we reached the yellow rope we starte our safety stop ascendent. The reason behind it I’d to avoid sea sickness due to the nitrogen levels in the body from being that deep, so we waited at around 20 feet to let our body’s get rid of the nitrogen while letting the oceans pressure help without giving us any more nitrogen. Once aboard we headed to our next dive site which was another 45 minutes away. The second dive was a typical dive just like some of the others nothing special like the one we had just gone on. Once we got back we had lunch on the beach and had cabin competitions the were four teams, team Golab, team Suarez, frisca, and nark. We ended up coming in second place in the championship round which was disappointing blindside ring we were all seniors on team Suarez vs the juniors on all the other teams but the challenges were hard and we made some small mistakes which ended up costing us the chamionship. We had a water balloon fight, relay race, identify the drawing game, and another video relay race and a night snorkle. Shortly after the competition we went up to the cabins to get ready for mass. Once everybody was ready we met down at the gate and glen drove us to mass which sat upon a hill that overlooked the entire populated part of the island then saw mountains in the distance and roads sand the sea on both sides of us. The mass was amazing it was truly superb the priest was excellent and the prayers and whole mass in general was very professional. Right after mass we headed to dinner which was a lot of fun and the food was amazing the dinner pave was at the top of the salt bath caves, which overlooked the ocean. Once we had finished dinner and desert we went out to the deck which overlooked the ocean and other Orlando and watched fire dancers! They were so cool! They through flames through the air without any hesitation or injury ever occurring. The fir dancers were super nice and thanked us for coming. All in all today was an amazing day.