Marine Bio day four Percy 


As usual my cabin woke up at 7 o’clock to make sure we were ready for the day but today was going to be a bit harder than usual. First off a couple days in we are a bit more tired than usual and today as going to participate a game that was pretty ruff. For breakfast we had the same cereal with some fig bars but this time we had honey buns, a blessing for most, but a curse for some. Let’s just say it was really choppy today and a few people weren’t holding it down too well. After going to breakfast we went to our dive boats again and Gaz took us to Ginger Island. Here we planned to go my personal record of 85-90 feet deep to find some Caribbean reef sharks! We ended up seeing about 3 Caribbean reef sharks, this was the only dive I had the energy to video tape today, lucky I did cause I got to see the largest French angel fish I have ever seen. Moving forward in the day on our second dive. This dive was another project dive and was one of my favorite so far. I got to see what I have been waiting to see the entire trip, triggerfish! If you don’t know what those are you need to look it up because they are possibly the coolest looking fish in the ocean! We also observed three large lobsters chilling under an overhang which was pretty cool. Although this dive had much more amazing creatures the seeing all the trigger fish was insane and if I could have, I would have stayed with them for the rest of the dive. These dives went relatively fast for as much as we saw. We ended our dives at about 1 o’clock and went to the beautiful Guavaberry beach and ate our sandwich in preparation for the activities to come. To start off the games started with a friendly game of water balloon dodgeball which my team won! Next was a “night snorkel” were we guided IV with black out goggles around a buoy and back? Claiming second in this round you would probably think we were in a good spot, well you thought wrong. We ended up getting last in sand pictionary and last in an insanely hard relay race that was essentially a biathlon. Once we tied for last place I was about to fall asleep while walking back to the cabin. Finally reaching the cabin I immediately got in the shower and washed so much sand off my body I could have created a beach in my shower. As the days activities started to hit me we went to mass which was a challenge to stay awake in, after the activities of the day. I managed to stay awake and get through that without disrespecting anyone thankfully and managing to get as much out of the homily as possible thankfully. After mass we had an amazing dinner where I ate my plate and half of my side of the tables dinners as well! That was the best food we have had all trip! Then to finish the day off we got to see some fire dancers that were pretty cool. Nothing compared to my scuba diving expirences though! Finally tomorrow is our last day to scuba dive which is sad but hopefully I will get to see the last thing I was looking forward to seeing, the bullet fish! Today was a good day and I’m looking forward to my last dive in the BVI tomorrow!