Day 4 Blog Cantu


Like everyday, today started with a hearty breakfast, however, with a little spice… honey buns. After breakfast we headed to the Sea Dragon and went to Ginger Island. This is Gaz’s (instructor) favorite site to dive. However, even though the dive was going to be fun, I was a little bit sea sick, but not as bad as Marc. He threw up at least 5 times, basically to a point where there was even any food, only saliva. As we were down there, we saw about 4 sharks, all at different times. At one point, we saw an giant eagle ray and under a huge boulder we saw a baby nerve shark. These dives just keep getting better and better. It’s unbelievable. When we were almost out of air, we headed up and prepared for our next project dive. The project dive consisted of us doing the same inspection on staghorn coral as yesterday. It was interesting finding the same results of herbivory fish as the day before on a completely different island. By the Grace of God, I went to the top of the boat, when we were finished diving, and felt so much better even though the waves were pretty big. Shortly after , we headed straight back to guava berry where we ate lunch. It was a ham sandwich, chips, and cookies, pretty satisfying. We had about an hour downtime to go in the wifi room until we headed back to the beach for a cabin competition. It was four games and a fifth game for the two best teams. Our cabin, Marc(replaced by Wyatt because of sea sickness), Henry, Nick, and I won the first game of water balloon dodgeball, but sadly, our winning streak went down hill. We ended the whole competition in third. Afterwards, we got ready for church. When we got to church, it was on a huge hill top that over looked the little town and ocean. It was an amazing sight. The breeze was fantastic, and it just felt like a holy place. The mass ceremony was nice, as it was mainly about compassion. Compassion greatly applies to this whole trip. We need compassion for other, and most importantly God has compassion for us. He is always loving and we need to strive to be like that toward our neighbors, specifically on this trip, our teachers and friends. Without compassion, not only is our trip meaningless but life is too. It is through compassion where we find each other and enjoy the simple things. When mass was over, we headed for dinner. It was on top of the Baths. The restaurant was really impressive. I ate a fish called Mahi Mahi. I am a picky person, so trying this type of fish, when I really don’t enjoy fish, was a huge milestone for me. Mahi Mahi was so good, honestly. It was literally a “fish steak.” It had wonderful seasoning with a soft, chewy inside. When we finished eating, we ate desert. For me, it was chocolate ice cream that was outstandingly delicious. Next we talked for about 30 minutes, until there was a fire dancer show. This show consisted of three dancers that had a variety of fire tools. They mixed it up and impressed every single person watching. The fire chains were about 1 inch away from their faces at some points. When they were done, our fourth night sadly came to an end. Today, so far, was definitely my favorite day. The lessons taught like compassion and friendship will stick with me forever. Tomorrow, I look forward to getting a full grip around our project and to try to impress the teachers. People said we might go to cooper islands and sat fish and chips. Hopefully this fish taste as good as Mahi mahi. Talk to y’all tomorrow!