Marine Biology Day 3 Lynch


Day four started the same as the previous days, with a seven a.m. wakeup time and frosted flakes at the mango house. Then, we headed to the docks to start our day of diving. The first dive was stationed at ship wreck alley, where the Dive BVI staff had four sunken ships to check out. Today though, we were only able to look at two, but that was plenty. This dive was amazing, because we were at a maximum depth of 95 feet, and the sunken ships were massive. While we were down there, we saw so many amazing animals, like the massive southern stingray and a lion fish, which Jeff proceeded to spear. During this dive there was the largest noticeable color loss, because of the depth, which was really cool to see. I would look over at other peoples bathing suites and be blown away by how much color I was not able to see. The coolest part was when we swam under one of the ships, and the ship was actually upside down, so we were able to see the deck from under the ship. After this dive, we packed up the ship and headed to the second dive sight, which was my favorite dive so far. It was my favorite because the first half of the dive was tough, because we swam against a really strong current, but then the second half, we just stopped and drifted all the way back to the boat. The scenery on this dive was in unreal. We saw everything from huge coral, to barracuda. Also, we had a picture taking contest, but because I didn’t have a camera, Jeff let me use his and I was able to capture some amazing moments. After this we went back to our houses, and then ate at the beach. Then, we had some competitive games between cabins. My cabin, plus Miles, won the games and then won the final against the seniors to receive the reward of a dive BVI hat. It was a lot of fun getting to run around and let some steam out. After the games were over, we all showered and went to small Catholic Church in town. I especially loved this part because it was incredibly interesting to see how other countries celebrate Mass. While most things were the same, there were many differences that I enjoyed watching. Then, we went to dinner at the baths restaurant and after we were able to watch a couple of fire dancers practice there routine. Overall, today was my favorite day thus far because of the amazing dives and fun I had with my classmates.