Day 4, Wunderlick


Day 4 started out same as usual with breakfast at one of the cabins then straight off to the marina to get out on the water. After getting some good sleep the night before I was confused on why I was so tired in the morning. We set out on our first dive to “Wreck Alley”. These are where two artificial boat wrecks have been placed almost 80-90 feet down. It was crazy to get down there and look up to see so truly how deep we were but seeing the boats was worth it. Jeff told us before we couldn’t really go into the boat because it takes higher training and is very dangerous so we got to go around it. The sea life was amazing around it and we even got to see two humongous Southern Stingrays. However, being down that deep makes it harder to breath because you need more oxygen due to the compression of your lungs by the pressure so we only were down for about 45 mins. When we headed out to dive two I narrowly avoided vomiting due to sea sickness. However, on the other boat Narc Riccione did not get so lucky, but that boat did get to see 6 sharks today so they win. After the vomit scare, dive 2 was just going down a huge coral reef and riding the current. This dive was probably my favorite because of how close we could get to all the marine life and the abundance of it. We saw animals like barracuda, shrimp, and other fish. This dive was fun but it was nice to get a little rest before competition day. For competitions, we went down to the beach and competed in a bunch of different challenges were points were given to each winning group. My group of Reece Ellison, Cooper Marshall, Jack Lynch, Miles Burrow, and me absolutely dominated the competition we won 4 of 5 competitions and got cool hats as prizes. Then we went to mass on the top of a hill which was a great experience. The service was nice and the view was amazing. Then, we had a nice dinner on the water and I had some Mahi Mahi. Today was a good day and I look excited to tomorrows dives because all the dive instructors told me these wee their favorite places.