Day 4


We woke up at 7 and ate breakfast as usual and headed to the marina. Our first dive was at ginger island and the waves were very big since it was part of the ocean ocean. A few people got seasick but I didn’t surprisingly. We dive down about 85 feet and saw lots of various fishes including a massive gray angelfish and Caribbean reef shark. It was really cool to see a shark so close up and personal. We noticed that the deeper depth you dive the fish change a lot. We noticed that fish at lower depths are usually dark colored or red and some have very big eyes. This information also helped with our research project. The big eyes help them see a lot better with less light which is an interesting mutation. We also saw many spiny lobsters and various coral. The dive at ginger island was definitely the best so far because I got to see a shark. The next dive we went to a big rock in the middle of all the islands. We swam around the rock and did transects of a 40 foot area and took a fish census along it. We saw many of the same fish including blue tang, goatfish, parrotfish and lots of damsels. The dive was only about 40 feet deep so there was lots of colorful fish that we came into contact with. We did see a massive spiny lobster as well. After we finished the two dives for the day we went to the beach at guava berry for lunch. After we ate lunch we played various games including water balloon dodgeball, racing, pictionary and a relay race. My group team (Team Narc) got first place in water balloon dodgeball, second in racing but last in pictionary and the relay race. Part of the reason we placed last in the relay race was because we decided to pick fins as our one piece of dive equipment but just made us slower instead. We ended up tying for last place. After the games we went to mass at a really cool church up the mountains. The service was really good and fun because it was different than a normal church. After mass we went to dinner at the top of the baths which we visited the other day. I ate mahi mahi which was really tasty and better than the usual dinner we have. After dinner we watched fire dancers which was really cool. We did get hit with a few ashes though. All and all today was a great day and I was very happy cause I got to see a shark. I cannot wait for tomorrow because we are going to do the Rone dive which is a shipwreck that happened in the BVI and is supposedly the best dive of the trip. We go down about 85 feet so hopefully we will see some big fish. Today I learned a lot about fish behavior, more example of this was the Sharks behavior because he just followed us but did not want to hurt us. I also learned a lot about how the colors of fish change the deeper you go which can also help with our project.