Day 4 – Competition 


I woke up this morning not knowing what to expect. As I approached the breakfast table, I saw honey buns which signified that a great day was approaching. After breakfast, we had a brief break and then headed to the marina. Once aboard, the first stop for the Sea monkey was a Wreck Alley. We then dove down into the depths of these ships, exploring boats that had been sunken on purpose for artificial marine environments. Going under the one of them at 90 feet below the surface was astonishing with the magnificent plants and schools of fish. While returning we harpooned another lionfish and saw a stingray that was about 5 feet in diameter. Then we returned to the boat for a 50 minute surface interval before going to our next dive location, Cistern Rock. When we submerged, we were immediately hit with a strong current. After swimming into exhaustion, we finally made it into the calmer waters past a reef barrier. There we saw many different types of creatures including barrel sponges, barracudas, and a very large gathering of tarpon. After an amazing dive we returned to the marina, and eventually Guavaberry Beach for a series of challenges, Jesuit Brother vs. Jesuit Brother. We wee divided into teams by the cabin, Teams: Fresca, Suarez Co., Golab, and Narc. After an obstacle course, pictionary, water balloon fights, blind swimming, and a classic wear-all-scuba-items battle, the senior team, Suarez Co., came in a close second place. After it was all said and done, we then made our way back to our cabins to shower and get ready for mass. At mass, it felt different to have a new scene and order to the mass than what I usually see at Christ the King Church. It may have been different, but It was great. After mass we went up to eat a fantastic dinner at the Top of the Baths. After a great chicken dinner, we moved towards the center area to watch 3 very talented fire dancers perform their routine. Their routine was incredible and often the way they danced was very amusing. Even though the day was tiring, it was jam-packed with very fun activities!