Day 4: Ayres, “Current” Events


Like usual, another great morning in the BVI. Today, my house had to set up breakfast on our porch and, since our house set up the dinner, I got far enough ahead in the line to actually get milk. Cereal and milk made the rest of the breakfast that much better, also, we got some hone buns, yum! , all in all, a great breakfast. Then, we headed out with Glen to the boats and we began to head out for the best two dives yet. For our first dive, we went to a site with several artificial wrecks, and a supposed max depth of 80 feet, which turned out to later prove to be about 90-95 feet deep. The two wrecks we saw were really cool, the first one was facing towards the reef and was roughly 10-12 years old, while the other wreck was slightly younger, 8-9 years old, and was upside down. Since it was upside down, we got to swim underneath the boat and see the deck of the boat, right above the ocean floor. While diving around the wrecks, I got to see some cool fish, a massive ray, another lionfish, some big angelfish, and the normal parrotfish, sergeant majors, and the lot. Coming back up, Xander and Noah both came close to running out of air, and Xander had to share air with our dive master, Jeff. Finally, after getting out of the water, we took another good break, of course the usual Combos and water, while driving to our next dive site. The next site was called Cistern Point, and had lots of places where the ground created natural cisterns, also, the rocks near this dive site were named Cistern Rock, hence the name. There, in raging white water rapids of 87 nauts of pure current or so Jeff said, we had a struggle against the heavy currents diving out, but we were rewarded with a nice, relaxed, swim back with the current. Again, lots of cool fish at the dive site, notably some small squids, lots of barracuda, and more rays. After coming out, we drove back in, docked the boat, and went back to the beach that’s close to our houses and had some more delicious cold cuts. After that, we had a small break and then got to do some team games on the beach with all the instructors and everyone who wasn’t out sick. First, we played dodgeball with water balloons, we got last, then, we did pictionary on the beach, an instructor told us what to draw and we got 3rd at that, finally, we did the “night snorkel” where we had to put a blinding mask upon someone and have them swim to a buoy and back to shore, we got last, again. After that, we did a long relay consisting of a slip and slide, swimming to a buoy, rolling around in the sand, and running to tag the other team member, we got second in that. And then, once all the points for placing were found, one more event was held for the first and second place teams, not us, and they both got some croakies, the straps that go on sunglasses to keep them around your head. After that, we headed up to our houses, and changed into our nice clothes for the 5:30 mass. The church was in a great location, just upon a fairly big hill, and had a great view. The service was very good, the priest had a good homily about how God’s love for us and his compassion towards us yet unable to stop us from doing wrong because of our free will. Afterwards, we went up to the Baths, I had some delicious mahi mahi, rice, and ice cream. Finally, after dinner, we saw a group of special dancers, they used the torch sticks and that fun fiery stuff and made a really cool show. After that, we walked back home, a kid scared the bejesus out of Xander and then I posted this blog, hope y’all like.