Year 2: Day 4 in the BVI


Another day started with the same breakfast, except breakfast was held at mango cabin this morning. After that, Glenn picked us up and took us to the marina and everyone boarded their boats and set up their dive equipment. We very quickly left the marina because everyone was anxious to dive out at Ginger Island. This dive was the highlight of trip. Gaz gave us a briefing at the site and told us to look out for bigger sea creatures because the reefs ran right against the open ocean. Specifically he told us to look for reef and nurse sharks. We jumped in the water and began the dive and the current was decently strong. We dove all the way down to 91 feet and it was the deepest I have ever dove. It’s was awesome, except I began to get light headed after a while which was not to fun. The dive was about 35 minutes and the fun happened right outside the reef. We saw three reef sharks that are pretty much residents two the area circling around each other and then they swam off. Later after we entered the reef again, we saw a massive 3-4 foot eagle Ray that was amazing. That was. The highlight of my trip seeing the eagle Ray especially since I didn’t see one last year. After it swam off, we saw two more sharks and one of them swam straight for me. The shark was about 3 feet from me! It was so cool! We then explored the reef and then completed our safety stop and exited the water. I ended with about 1000 psi left. Then the day began getting worse. The waves when we got back on the boat were huge and the boat was rocking back and forth constantly and a few of my classmates began to get sick. I didn’t though. After a surface interval, Gaz drove the boat off towards another island to work on our project dive. We discussed today’s goals for the project, got our gear on, and jumped in. Gaz knew the way and we set up a 10 ft by 10 ft box at two different sites. The results were quite different than yesterday’s results because today there were very few parrotfish and fairy basslets. Awe ended the dive after about 40 minutes and I exited the water with about 300 psi. I was running low. I did see a baby nurse shark in a cave that I got film of which was very cool! I also saw two really big lobster also. the only bad part about this dive was that I ran into fire coral and my leg was on fire haha. After the dive, Gaz drove us back, we cleaned the boat and recycles the air tanks, and walked to the beach for lunch. Lunch was sandwiches, chips, fruit, and cookies again and it was really good because I was so hungry. We them took a one hour break to get out of the sun and myself and a bunch of the other guys walked to the wifi room and played uno to pass the time and it was intense. No big deal or anything but I took the victory. After the break, we walked back to the beach for a tournament between team golab, team suarez, team narc, and team fresca. These team names all came from inside jokes that the adults thought were funny haha. The first competition was water balloon dodgeball and my team, team Suarez, took second. The second activity was beach pictionary and my team took second again. The third activity was a relay race and it was really fun, but my team took third unfortunately. Team Suarez and team fresca went to the finals though and team fresca won… It was all fun and games in the end and everyone from team Suarez won a free croakie and everyone from team fresca won BVI hats which was very generous of Dive BVI. We then walked back to the cabins to clean up and got ready for church. Everyone was exhausted and sunburned at this point. Glenn picked us up and brought us to church at around 5:20pm.mchurch was great, but hard to stay awake because the room was very warm. Church ended around 6:15 pm and Glenn once again picked us up and took us straight to the Baths to eat dinner. Dinner was amazing. I ate rice, salad, mahi mahi, and amazing chocolate ice cream. During dinner, I set up my phone and my go pro to take time lapses of the sunset and they turned out really amazing and pretty. After dinner, we watched these fire dancers that were at the restaurant, walked home, and began our blogs. Today was the most fun and exhausting so far and I cannot wait to go to bed. I saw a lot of marine life that I really wanted to see and I cannot wait for the Rhone dive tomorrow and fish and chips at Cooper Island.