Day 3: Wierschem 


Last night was one of the best sleeps of my life. I could not be at more peace with God and nature. First thing this morning, Jack, Noah, and I had ourselves a nice morning workout. After that we had the normal breakfast of cereal (without milk), some fruit bars, and oranges. Following that, we boarded the “Sea Monkey” and traveled to a new dive site. Here we found more fish and plenty of coral. We also prepared for our final project. Since our test occurs at night, we did a practice run to see how things would work when darkness rolled in. At the very end of our trip, Jeff used masterful ninja skills to remove a lionfish from existence. We then returned to the boat, where I found out that my dive partner, Suarez, decided to continue scuba diving with an empty tank. The dial actually read 0 psi. Our second dive was slightly more unique. The squad and I helped Casey with cleaning the coral nursery trees. We dove done for about thirty minutes to clean the algae and other bad things off of the PCV pipe and monofilament. We explored the rest of the surrounding reef with the remaining air we had. We were fortunate enough to see the massive tarpon swimming under our boat. From there, we had a large meal of cold-cut sandwiches. Jeff pulled the boat up a little ways from the salt ponds and had us swim to the beach so we could learn about this ecosystem. On the snorkel there, we saw a couple turtles and rays beneath us. As we got to the salt ponds, which had no water present, we were urged to eat the salt along the bottom. It was saltier than any salt I have ever tried before. After that we returned to the boat and unpacked the boat. Jack, Noah, Jeff, Suarez, and I set a plan of action for preparing for our project. When we arrived at the house, we created our floating glowstick and headed back to the beach to lay these fluorescent traps. We saw a lot of sergeant majors, surgeonfish, and damselfish. Now we wait, excited to preform our experiment, to further explore what humans know of science.