Suarez, day 2


I woke up to a rooster crowing in the early morning. We got up at approximately 7:15 to go to doctor G. and coach G. and the  cabin for a delicious breakfast. Casey and Jeff were very kind in supplying all of us with food In our cabin to serve in the morning to all the other cabins so tomorrow me and my cabin will be serving breakfast to everybody. Shortly after breakfast we were at the docks and eager to dive, but before we could dive we had to go through the basics and mak sure everybody knew how to buddy check and correctly assemble there gear, to avoid injury of course. After we assembled our gear we talked shortly about the dive plan and what we were going to be doing and how long we would be down there for. The anticipation that had built amongst all of us was extreme as we were all eagerly awaiting to get back into the water and start scuba diving for the first time since last year. The waves were really good with a high white crescent constantly coming over us, as the current would fight to pull you away, but as soon as everybody got in the water and we all signaled okay we went under into almost an entirely different world, one which was much more peaceful than the thrashing waves above us. Suddenly I hit the bottom of the sea a sandy quite barren place but off to the distance I could see reefs with life thriving around it. Once Jeff got to the bottom with my dive group we all went through our tests which included “clearing our masks, and a regulator recovery”. Once we were done with that we launched off of the desert bottom and swam to the reefs ahead, as we soon swam above and through the walls of the reefs we saw a bountiful amount of fish and living organism and plants and many things I had never seen before, I aslso saw my first ever lion fish which was kind of scary given that they are deadly poisonous but was also really spectacular because you could appreciate the gracefulness it swam with as it went right by us. We then saw multiple  Sargent major fish and many barracudas, one of which was practically half the size of me, we also saw a a sting ray cruising around, before we were shortly swarmed by a school of fish that quickly dissipated into the water in front of us. I was absolutely stunned, because the reefs last year had not nearly been this big or had such an high amount of surging life. We also saw a golden headed eel that kind of slithered out of the rocks but without touching anything. Unfortunately we did not see a shark like last year but I am staying optimistic that we do so.  Jeff led us through the maze of the reefs like a pro. Sooner than we know it we had to go back up and it was over. But we had one more dive left which was also a blast we got to see shrimp and crabs and angle fish. Then we had a quick lunch back near the docks before going to the bath salt Cave which left me jaw dropped. It was indescribable it was truly magnificent and trying to describe the beauty of it and going through all the caves within would be undermining it because this is one thing you have to see because it is just beyond words I was truly blessed to be able to go.  Once we navigated our way through we went for snorkel along the coastline which was awesome because you could see al the way down to the bottom of the sea floor and be able to make out the life forms down there. We spent about 45 minutes snorkeling before we retired back to the beach to go back to our cabins and get showered up for dinner. At dinner me and all of the seniors got a really special surprise from all of dive bvi which truly was amazing. They gave us a really nice camera that intend to use for a long time to come and I couldn’t thank them enough. On top of the awesome camera we got an amazing dinner and headed back towards the main building which we talked to the dive bvi people about our project that we are undertaking here at the dive bvi. We talked for awhile with Jeff to figure out all of the logistics of our plans and when and where we would execute our project.

Well that was the whole day summed up as much as possible given inside my time fram I honestly could write a paper on how amazing this place is. Well till tomorrow I’ll leave tall with an awesome picture of the sunset here at the bvi.