Day 2: Wierschem


I could have sleep better last night. I went to bed after an hour of tossing and turning and I periodically woke up throughout the night. I think the cause of these rude awakenings was the size of my bed. My feet hung entirely off, leaving them dangling above the warm tile floor. The air was warm but the breeze kept my body at a cool temperature. I almost felt like I was sleeping outside. The windows were open, the wind was blowing, and the small animals and insects were screaming into the night. I could not be at more peace. In my efforts in trying to sleep, I found many conversations with God. Some included me begging for sleep, while others were thanking Him for letting me go on this trip. After waking up at a bright 7:00 a.m, Jack, Noah, and I made our way over to our teachers cabin for a hardy breakfast of mini cereals and fruit. My first dive turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. After a brief review of the scuba basics, we jumped right into the action. We were soon greeted by a plethora of fish swimming as if we were not even there. We saw parrotfish, squirrelfish, Barjack, and various species of colorful coral. After 45 minutes of amazement, we boarded the boat and headed to our second dive site: Coral Gardens. Here I witnessed the swimming of fish that I only saw in textbooks. Trumpetfish, baracuda, lionfish, lizardfish, spotted drum, yellow tail eel, shrimp, crab, and lobster all made an appearance. Shortly following our dives, we embraced on our journey to the Baths at Devils Bay. It was a collection of massive granite rocks that lines the coast creating small pathways. From this point we returned home for a quick shower so we could meet up with our group leaders for our final project. Jack, Noah, Suarez, and I collaborated with Jeff to discuss our plan of action. We put our minds together to come up with the most efficient way to execute our project concerning fish and their reaction to light. Using all this brain power caused a lot of energy loss and hunger which was easily fixed by a massive lasagna meal. What a fantastic day at the BVI. I am sure tomorrow will be equitably perfect. We will be working on our projects tomorrow, diving more, and plenty more activities keeping us tired and busy.