Day 2- Scarcella


Our day began at 7:30 where we met at the teachers house for a pleasent breakfast. Afterwards we gathered our gear and headed out on the Sea Dragon (Our Teams Boat for the week) for our first dive. Once under the water we were of the basics of scuba, and afterwards we explored the sea floor and our hilarious guide Gaz, identified various sea creatures we saw there. Some of the fish we say we’re a damselfish, a goat fish, an arrow crab and a trigger fish. On our next dive my partner miles and I explored the large coral reef that spanned the coastline of Dog Island. There we also got to explore the inside of a plane wreck where we saw a barracuda and many other larger fish. When our final dive of the day came to an end, we had lunch at the rondevous bar where I had an excellent cheeseburger. Afterwards we headed down to the infamous baths of virgin Gorda. The view of the gargantuan rocks and crystal clear water was truly breathtaking. After a brief hike through the cave system nearby we reached the beach, where we began our snorkel trip along the coast of the island. Along The way we saw a veriety a beautiful sealife including stingrays, Konch shells, and a colorful array coral. Once we finished our snorkel, we met in the commissary to discuss our group project with Gaz. We then headed off to our lasagna dinner, and also caught a great glimpse of the sunset. It was a fantastic but exhausting day, and I’m eager to work on my project dives tomorrow and can’t wait to see what other surprises wait for us here on the island.

Heres a picture of my dive partner miles and I.