Day 2- Pontikes


Today was my first full day in the BVI. My day started bright and early at 7am. After getting ready for the day, my cabin headed down as a group to breakfast which was scheduled at 7:30. Once everyone had finished eating breakfast the exciting part of the day began. At the entrance of Guava Berry Resort we were picked up by our taxi and headed towards the boat harbor where the dive boats “Sea Dragon” and “Sea Monkey” were waiting for us. Once everyone was fitted with gear and we were done going over our dive plan, we finally headed out to the first dive sight. My first dive was amazing, I was able to see a school of Bar Jacks and a barracuda swimming at the surface only a few seconds after jumping in. Once my dive group finished doing weight checks Becca, our dive instructor, took us down to give us a review on a re simple dive skill before we began to tour the reef. After we were done reviewing, we swam around the reef, seeing an assortment of different fish. These fish included blue tangs, butterfly fish, and many other Caribbean fish. A very interesting sea organism I saw in this dive was the feather duster, which would spiral back into its hole when threatened. After swimming for about 45 minutes we were done with our fist dive and ready to head towards the second site. This site was my favorite, we saw goatfish, wrasse, grunts, snappers, hermit crabs, barracuda, butterfly fish, and more. Not only did we sea tons of fish, but this sight contained a sunken aircraft that we were able to swim threw. After touring this sight we headed back up to the boat and broke down our dive gear before going back. After we washed and unloaded our scuba gear it was time to eat lunch at a restaurant off the harbor. After lunch we went back to the cabin and got ready for our hike through the baths. The baths were stunning rock structures that were formed from the tectonic plated coming together, creating huge boulders of granite. After we hiked threw these structures, we reached the beach we were going to snorkel from. Our snorkel trip went along the shore back to the beach near our resort. On the snorkel trip I saw two very cool fish, the barracuda and stingray. After the long journey we walked back to our cabins and cleaned up from all of today’s activities. Around 4:30 we went to the commissary/Internet cafe to relax and go over our dive projects. After working on our projects we then went to the beach and ate a lasagna dinner. After we were done etching we walked down to the water and hung out for a little before going back the the wifi cafe. Today was very fun and exciting and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s scuba trip and our night snorkel.