Marshall, Day 02


After a fierce monopoly game and a good nights rest, house Lime Tree got up at seven this morning for an exciting day of Scuba. We had cereal, bagels, fruit, and granola bars for breakfast at House Allamander. We went to orientation and met the heads of the Guavaberry office, and they were delightful people. After our meet and greet and the rules of Guavaberry were layer out, we rode to our boats. I boarded boat Sea Monkey and we put our stuff together. We were put into groups and I got Mr. Golab but then I got switched, so I got to be with my cousins Luke and Reece. I was so excited to hear that I was one of the two, three man dive buddy groups with my cousins. On dive one we did some skill refreshers. We did regulator clear, regulator retrieval, clearing our mask, and worked on our buoyancy. After the skills on dive one, we got to see the reefs of dog Island. I saw a feather duster worm. This creature is my favorite so far. When you get close to it, it sucks itself into its shell really fast… After 45 minutes, we got back up to the boat and had snack time. After snack time, we went on dive two. Dive two was a free dive with our groups so we got to see many cool fish. I saw another feather duster worm, a barracuda, a Perot fish, and a juvenile spotted drum fish. After dive two, we rode back to Virgin Gorda and ate lunch at the harbor restaurant. The food was really good. After lunch we walked to the baths and walked around some granite boulders. At the end of the trail we reached the ocean and snorkeled home from that point. It was about a half mile and we saw allot of interesting things. We saw some small fish and some big fish. The coolest fish we saw were five to six barracuda and a stingray. After the snorkel, we walked to our houses and showered up. That shower felt so good because we had been wet and sandy all day. After a short rest time, we all met up in the lounge room and discussed our group project. Reece, Luke, Bobby, Jack, Beth, and I hope to nail our project tomorrow. After that we went to dinner and had a delicious dinner of lasagna, bread, and cookies. Also since I “misplaced” my water bottle on the boat, Casey said I had to execute a perfect impersonation of my teacher or a parrot fish. I impersonated Mr. Golab to get it back and, let’s just say I got it back.