Marine bio Percy 2


After blogging for the first time last night I went with Suarez to our cabins. We then split up and went into our cabins. I went into my cabin and started to set up for the next day. While doing so I start to hear rustling behind my room, the walls of the house are primarily made of a bug screen and blinds so imagine how sketchy this while alone while is pitch black outside. My heart started to pump then I start to see large shadows across the screen. I was standing there as stiff as a board making no noises and clenching my fists looking out of the window. A few painstakingly long seconds later I see a white cat walk by the window… Ok fast forwarding through the rest of the night and getting comfortable with our surroundings we woke up at 7 in the morning and got ready for a quick breakfast in preparation of our first dive! We make our way to our specified dive boats, I got “team” sea dragon. After some safety preparation with Gaz and Becca we boated out to our first dive site where we just refreshed all of our dive knowledge in our groups. After the boring, but important, refresher portion of our dive we started to explore for a bit and just getting use to scuba diving in the ocean. One of the most memorable things we got to see was the feather duster worm. Which just looked like a a feather duster if you couldn’t of guessed and when you snap of make a motion close to it, it retracts quickly into its housing. After dive number one we got on the boat for our surface interval. We had a few snacks and moved to our next diving site with tons of coral reef. This time unlike the first one were we needed to focus on our abilities I got to bring my camera under water with me. Filming tons of fish! I can’t wait to upload all the footage! We got to see lots of different speices, such as trunk fish, parrot fish, goat fish, barracuda, and many more. We got to see some pretty giant hermit crabs along the way to a plane wreck. That we swam through. Housing some sponges and a large number of goat fish huddled at the very back of the plane. After boarding the boat when we finished diving we went and ate at a small restaurant near the water where I got a cheese burger and fries along with a little bit of Nick Pontikes’ Caeser salad wrap. We then made our way to our cabins dropped off a few things and hiked to a place called baths which was a bunch of huge granite rocks stacked on top of each other. Proving to be a bit of a challenge to get through some of the cracks we made it through seeing along the way a really cool natural pool. When we made it through the all of the rocks we made it to the beach were I got the feel some of the softest sand in the world feeling like a massage with every step of your bear foot. We got in the water and relaxed, I got to see a little baby flounder while we were cooling off in the water! About 15 minutes later we started our snorkel that took us about 45 minutes or so to complete. On the way to our beach I got to see an eel and trumpetfish which is one of the stranger designed fish in the coral reefs. As were arriveing to our beach we got to see a sting ray that the group watched as it swiftly swam away from us. We arrived at the beach and went to our cabins fast forwarding again we planned out our experiments that we are going to be doing ate lasagna and sawand snapped a picture of 

 one of the most breathtaking sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. In conclusion today was a insanely busy day and
although I’m tired while writing this blog I’m super exited to exhaust myself while indulging in this opportunity of
a lifetime for the rest of my time here!