Marine Biology Day 2 Lynch


Today was the second day of our trip and my first time ever scuba diving in the ocean. We started the day out with a seven a.m. alarm and a walk to our teachers house. Once there, we were met by Casey, Jeff, and our teachers. This morning was our teachers turn to cook breakfast, so they prepared us cereal, croissant roles, granola bars, and fruit. After everyone was full and happy, we were picked up in the taxi and taken to the dock to immediately begin scuba diving. Our group was split into two boats, the Sea Monkey and the Sea Dragon. My boat, the Sea Monkey, was captained by Jeff and Beth, and ,y dive group was led by Beth. After we got on the boats, we had a fifteen minute boat ride to the island of great dog, where we began our first dive. This dive was my first ocean dive and it was amazing. We saw many fish that we studied and many more that were not covered, and overall everywhere I would look, there was a fish. My favorite part of the dive was seeing several feather duster worms, which shoot back into there hole when touched. We swam for what seemed like twenty minutes and ended up to be forty, which surprised everyone on board. After we got out, we enjoyed snacks and drinks, and rode on the boat to the coral gardens, where our next dive was stationed. Once there, we were prepped for a forty five minute dive at fifty feet. Then, we all got into our equipment and we’re back in the water. On the second dive, we saw a lot more fish than the first, which was amazing because we saw a lot in the morning too. The most exciting for me was a massive lobster that was hanging out in some rocks. I enjoyed this dive the most because we were down longer and saw some amazing coral and fish. After the second dive, we want to a restaurant by the ocean that made great burgers. Of course, a burger is what I ordered, and it was much needed to give me the energy I lost while diving. After lunch, we ran home and changed before taking a walk through the bathes. The baths were amazing, the way that the rocks naturally formed the structures we saw was mind blowing. After the baths, we began our snorkel back to guava berry. The snorkel was long and full of interesting creatures. The most amazing thing we saw was the sting ray, which was just sitting on the sand. The sting ray was by far the coolest wild animal I have ever seen, but it was short lived because the sting ray became scared and fled. Then the snorkel was over and so was the day, after the snorkel we simply ate lasagna on the beach and then retreated to write our blogs before everyone passes out from exhaustion. Overall, today was tiring but also full of fun activities and dives that I will remember forever.