Day 2 – Ellison


After an unsuccessful attempt at sleeping, I left with Cooper, Bobby, and Jack to get breakfast at the Alamander house. The breakfast consisted of frosted flakes and fruit. After breakfast we immediately headed over to the dock, were we split up into two groups for each boat. My boat, team Sea Monkey, is captained by Beth and Jeff. Leaving the dock, the Sea Monkey glided through the waves taking us to our first dive site, Great Dog Island. After a refresher course, we began to explore the coral structures and marine life of Dog Island. Out of all the fish we saw, the golden tail eel was probably the most exciting. It sat in the back of a little cove, with only its head poking out. It looked like it was preparing to jolt out at any second, but it remained inside until we left. After about 40 minutes in the water, we got out to eat snacks and prepare for the second dive. I probably consumed four packs of chips-a-hoy before we got to our next dive site. Our next dive site was called Coral Gardens. Once we entered the water, it seemed as if we had entered another world. Coral reefs surrounded us as we descended into the water, and the marine life was just amazing. We saw multicolored parrot fish, juvenile lion fish, feather duster worms, juvenile spotted drum fish, and a stingray. After then second dive we went to eat lunch at local restaurant in the harbor, where I ate a cheeseburger and fries. Soon after lunch we departed for the Baths of the BVI, where we entered caves and wondered through several different tunnels. At the mouth of the baths, there was an opening to the ocean, where we snorkeled back to Guavaberry. The snorkel was about a 40 minute swim, where we saw barracudas and were able to explore a large part of the beach. Once we got out of the water we went back to our houses to get ready for dinner. For dinner we had lasagna and watched the sun set from the beach.