Day 2


We woke up around 7 and ate breakfast. After breakfast we got a briefing of the rules of Guava Berry resort. We then left for the marina to go on our fisher dive. The first dive site we went to was one of the dog islands and we mostly did skills that we had learned in scuba class almost like a refreshment course. Then after that we went exploring for a little bit and saw a few fish and nice coral reef. The next dive was a lot better though, we went down about 55 feet and swam through middle part of the plane. We saw many fish including goat fish, barracuda, snapper, wrasses, shrimp, lobsters, triggerfish, spotted drum, damselfish, squirrel fish, and butterfly fish. Probably the best part of that dive was the various coral that lived on and in the plane which included lots of tube coral. After we finished our last dive of the day we went to go grab lunch. Next we went to the baths and climbed through the caves to a snorkeling spot. On the snorkel we saw many of the same fish but we also saw a stingray and eel which was very cool to see in action. The swam all the way back to our resort from the baths. We then went to the Internet cafe to discuss our research project with the scuba diving instructors, our project deals with if there is any correlation between fish color and light/dark areas. For example our hypothesis is that dark color fish stay in the the darker areas as cover from predators whereas light colored fish stay in the shallower and lighter areas. Becca (the instructor) was very helpful in helping us with our project and also told us we could use depth too so we can improve our data. After that we had lasagna on the beach during the sunset and I will attach a picture of the sunset of the mountains. Today I learned more types of Caribbean fish and got to see what coral looks like closer up. I never thought diving would be this fun to do because you can get so closer to fish than ever and really observe the behavior in the ocean. I am looking forward to future dives and hope to see a shark later on.