Burrow- day2 


This morning we had to wake up at 7:00 and we all met for breakfast at the teachers house again. We ate cereal and then went strait to the marina. Glenn is our taxi driver and Glenn “doesn’t wait for anyone” I’m on the Sea Dragon boat and Gaz is my dive master. At the first sight we started off with skills and then went and looked at the reef and we saw all kinds of reef fish. We saw sand eels, angel fish, damsel fish, and many other beautiful colorful fish but the second sight is where we saw the most. There was a plane at the bottom and we could swim through it and when we came out there was a group of 20 barracuda. After we followed them around for a little bit we started back over the reef and we saw a dog snapper. The dog snapper was huge and we stood no chance at keeping up with it to get a better look. We also saw feather duster Coral and when you go up to them if you snap your fingers right in front of the mouth the contract really fast into a shell. After that dive we went to the baths and crawled through the rocks for a little bit and then got to the beach and snorkel end all the way back to Guavaberry. At the end of the snorkel trip we saw a stingray. Then we went back to the room and showered off and headed down to the beach to eat lasagna. Awesome second day tomorrow we will spend the whole day working on our projects.