Day 1 Cantu


As I woke up from my two hour nap at 4am, I was a bit angry. Thoughts of resentment ran thru my head wondering if this marine biology trip was worth it. This anger continued to build up as the waiting for the planes were seemingly endless. As the day breezed thru, finally getting off the first plane in Puerto Rico, I remember simply walking to the next waiting section for the plane as my Jesuit bag slowly scratched at my shoulder, and learning about the 5 hour wait to board the next plane. It was “painful.” To make matters worst, the plane got delayed 30 more minutes. Soon after, we landed on the British Virgin Islands, only to wait again to get thru security. This process was getting redundant and I needed some kind of pain reliever. My prayer was answered as I saw Casey and Jeff McNut arrive to the dock on a brand new, beautiful boat. We got on and headed to Virgin Gorda. I’ve never been in the ocean on a boat, and this experience was something new. The ocean breeze felt as if it was wiping away all the sweat from the plane, and the impatience I had. That part was definitely the highlight of the day. Getting off the boat, Casey and Jeff continued to be kind. We arrived at the resort and got our cabins. Everything was good and Casey and Jeff topped it off with pizza, cookies, and free shirts. Now, I am reflecting and discerning about my day and I look forward to a better day tomorrow.