Day 1 – Marc Riccione


Today I arrived on the British Virgin Island, Virgin Gordo, after a five hour flight from Dallas to Puerto Rico on a commercial airliner, a five hour layover before a forty five minute flight from Puerto Rico to Beef Island on a propeller plane with thirty four seats, and a fifteen minute boat ride from Beef Island to Virgin Gordo on a new boat owned by Dive BVI called the Sea Wolf. Casey McNutt told me and the Jesuit students our new cabins after arriving. I was assigned to Plum cabin with Henry Percy, David Cantu, and Nicholas Pontikes. I realized that the long journey was worth it when I felt the cool Carribean breeze and saw the beauty surrounding me. I was surprised by how many mountains were in the British Virgin Islands. I also was met by the welcoming Casey and Jeff McNutt. Casey and Jeff greeted us with a great pizza dinner after assigning us our cabins. After the first day, I feel more excited than ever because of the great Carribean weather, the beautiful British Virgin Island environment, my kind swim instructors, and the fact that I’m going scuba diving tomorrow!