Marine biology day 1 Percy


Today I woke up at four in the morning in order to get on the first flight. Ironically this would be the first airplane I would ever ride on. When I got on the plane as “childish” as this may be was fascinated with the idea of being over 3000 feet in the air, not to mention how beautiful it looked when I occasionally looked out of the window. When we landed in San Juan around five hours later I got to then experience for the first time, what seemed like a decade of waiting in an airport, probably about five or six hours. When this wait was finally over I once again expirenced  something new, flying  in a propeller airplane. When we finally arrived after a long day of flying we went through a bit more security and made it officially into the island. We then walked to a boat were we were greeted by our instutructs and climbing aboard a beautiful boat. Noting again the first time I have met my instructors in real life, Jeff, and Casey. After speaking to them for a bit we road across the water to the island we will be staying on.  Once we reached the island we road to our cabins and set up camp, first time not with a family member in a different part of the world. I’m going to skip the rest of the day but if you have made it this far into my blog you probably noticed some repition. Specifically “my first time”, today I have expirenced lots of first times and over this trip I hope to expirenced a lot more. Overall I’m really exited to expirenced more things that will open my eyes to the world in different ways and expand my knowledge about this magnificent world!