Burrow- day 1


Today was an early morning I woke up before 4:00am and got to the airport at 5:00. Upon arriving to the airport I discovered that I didn’t have a ticket! After working the situation out and making deals with the people at the check on desk I finally got a seat on the plane. The first flight felt very long, I think most of us tried to sleep but we were to excited. That flight was very beautiful near the end because we were flying over crystal clear water in the Caribbean and from my window seat I was able to look down and see all these tiny islands and boats out in the light blue ocean. After landing in San Juan we were all Hungry and loaded up on candy and Cinnabon. For four hours we waited and played games in the San Juan airport until finally we were brought out onto the runway where we boarded a small plane that was to take us to Tortolla. Luckily this time I didn’t have any problems with getting a seat. The flight to Tortolla was also very pretty because we were flying over the same clear water that I had seen on the end of the flight to Puerto Rico. We landed and met Casey and Jeff on the docks where they had a giant boat called The Sea Wolf. We rode The Sea Wolf to Virgin Gorda where we loaded up in an open air taxi that took us to Guavaberry. We got our room assignments and I’m in a house called Tamarin with just me and Wyatt Johnson. We are way up the hill separate from all the other houses and we have this big place all to ourselves. Casey and Jeff had us a delicious pizza dinner and we all sat out on the chaperones porch and ate and Casey talked to us about what we will be doing. We all met up after dinner and were astonished to find outs it is only 9:30 it feels like 11:00 and everyone is exhausted but we are being acquainted with the Internet cafe where we will be writing you from the rest of the week. Overall today was a great day after I got my ticket sorted out, and I along with everyone else am super excited for what lies ahead.