Day 1 – Ellison


Today, I got up at 4 AM and drove to DFW. With an early start to the day, I was not able to completely wake up until we landed in San Juan. The flight from DFW to San Juan was about 5 hours. Before we boarded the plane, I was asked to check my bag because there was not enough space to carry it on. When we arrived at the San Juan airport at 1:15, retrieving my bag turned into an hour and a half event of looking for the entrance to the airport and waiting through a single line of security, that was the only checkpoint for the entire airport. Once I got back to the gate, a group of us went to eat at Margaritaville. After we eat, we had three hours to burn because our flight was not until 5:25. At the gate for our next flight, Bobby, Cooper, Jack, and I played monopoly. The game lasted over the three hour wait. At 5:15, we boarded our next flight that would only last about 30-45 minutes. Once we were in the air, we could see everything. The beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico, the various islands that make up the BVI, and marine life because the water was so clear. One we got off the plane we walked over to the docks, where Casey and Jeff were waiting to take us to Virgin Gorda. On the boat ride to Virgin Gorda, the scenery was incredible. Massive boulders on the beach, almost transparent water, and beautiful sights of the othe islands. Once we arrived to Virgin Gorda, Casey and Jeff introduced us to Glenn, who took us to Guavaberry, where we will be staying for the trip. At Guavaberry we ate pizza for dinner and got settled into our houses. Bobby, Cooper, Jack and I are staying in the Lime house. The house has two separate rooms with two twin needs in each. Although today was full of traveling, finally getting to see Virgin Gora was worth it.