Year 2: Day 1 in BVI


After a long day of travel through Dallas, San Juan, Tortolla, and finally Virgin Gorda, the whole group has made it safely without any problems with tickets or passports. The DFW to San Juan, Puerto Rico flight was close to 5 hours so that was a long flight, but I spent most of the flight sleeping so it wasn’t too bad. Upon arrival, the layover was brutal. We arrived San Juan around 1pm and had to wait until our seaborne airlines flight which departed at around 6 pm due to technical difficulties with the plane. I spent the time in between flights eating at a restaurant called margaritaville and hanging with my Jesuit brothers in the boarding area playing monopoly or playing on our iPads. We boarded the small seaborne airlines flight at around 6 pm and reached Tortola at about 6:45pm. It was a quick and easy flight and the group went straight through customs, which also went by pretty quick. We then walked down to the docks and witnessed a brand new Dive BVI boat pull up and anchor on the dock with Jeff and Casey excited to welcome us to the island. This new big charter boat is called Sea Wolf and it was very nice and new. Casey remembered who my name was and gave me a hug upon arrival which was pretty cool haha. The whole group then shoved off of Tortola with Jeff as captain and sailed about 20 minutes to Virgin Gorda where we were staying. The water was so blue and it was really pretty to see the sunset on the open water. Upon arrival, the Marine 2 guys helped Casey prepare dinner (pizza) and she gave us an introduction once everyone arrived at the teachers cabin at Guavaberry Springs Villas where we are staying. I was assigned with Jackson Suarez, Luke Gomez, and John Sauer in my cabin. We them all prayed together, received our new Dive shirts and rash guards and are ready to start a breath taking experience in the British Virgin Islands. We have 4 straight days of dives coming up so I am really excited to see what marine life lurks beneath the surface and to spend quality time with the Dive BVI staff, the Jesuit teachers, and most of all, my Jesuit Brothers. I am proud to be a part of team Sea Dragon so I would be frightened if I were you.