Suarez, Day 01 


Today was an exciting day, but it was also a sad day because I realize this will be my last time coming down here and being apart of this amazing program. I could hardly go to sleep do to the fact that I was looking forward to traveling with all my friends to go help save our planet and help the ecosystem down in the BVI recover from dis tater and sickness.apon arrival I saw the familiar faces of Jeff and Casey who I had met last year on my first trip. I was very excited to see them again and catch up with them about how the past year has gone for them. Appearntly very well as they just got a huge magnificent new boat that had nice cushioned seats around tables and a second deck above. It defiantly seems like the impact we made last year has been a big one not just economically but also environmentally. Our goal for this year is to help with all the things we set up last year like the coral reef and tagging turtles and collecting useful data for them to analyze. But our main objective is amongst me and my group members, we are trying to see how the bioluminescent lights affect the organism at night and which ones are attracted to different colors at different intervals in depth. We will record our findings to help better understand how we effect the environment we live in. Overall today was an amazing day with a lot of emotion knowing this is my last time going diving with such wonderful people I will truly miss this place but I plan to leave a great impression on this place for years to come so the next people at Jesuit can continue to use the probes ages we have gotten to be able to have this experience. Well I’m off to bed we have a very early morning tomorrow, I’m looking forward to having a blast with these great people and to learn how we as individuals can help change the world we live in for the betterment of the planet and the future generations to come.