Day 1: Ayres, Looks Like We Made It


Today, we had a fun day hopping from place to place until we got to Virgin Gorda. The layover at San Juan was about as fun as layovers get and the puddle hopper we took was fun yet slightly cramped, but reaching the BVI made every small nuisance well worth it. Getting through customs didn’t take too long and then we got to have a fun 20 minute boat ride in the Sea Wolf out to Virgin Gorda where we got to meet Casey and take a long needed rest, just relaxing in the cool ocean breeze. Once we got to the island, we were picked up by Jeff and were driven to Guavaberry. Once here, all of us were assigned our houses, which are quite nice with 2 sets of double beds, a good kitchen, and clean bathrooms. Once we got settled, we had some interestingly flavored pizza; Hamburger, BBQ Pork, “Supreme” Pepperoni, classic cheese, and veggie. After dinner, we got our dive shirts and were told which ships we’d be on. Definitely looking forward to the diving tomorrow, hope everything goes smoothly and that we get to see some cool fish down in the water.