Day 1


I woke up around 4:30 and left at 4:40 for DFW, I wasn’t very happy when I woke up cause it was so early. We left for San Juan around 8 and I slept most of the plane ride which made me feel a lot better later on. Then once we got to San Juan we had to wait around 3 hours for our next plane which left around 6. The plane was very small and I got a single seat which was very comfortable. As we flew over the Caribbean we could see how clear the water was and we could see fisherman on their boats which was pretty cool since I have never been that low to the ground on a plane. Once we left the airport we walked over to the marina to meet Casey and her husband Jeff at their big boat. From their we rode for about 15 mins to the island and then took a taxi to guava berry resort. Then we got our house assignments I was paired up with one of my classmates in our own house instead of having three other guys like everyone else which I liked. After we settled in our house we went to dinner at Doc and Golab’s house. At dinner we got to know Casey and Jeff, Casey is very enthusiastic while Jeff is more quiet but makes funny jokes. I also got to talk with classmates that I don’t usually talk to at school. After Dinner Casey told us about our dive tomorrow and gave us t-shirts. I am really looking forward to the dive tomorrow it sounds like a fun one I’m just hoping I don’t forget anything that I learned in scuba class 2 months ago.
– Wyatt Johnson