Marine Biology day 1 Lynch


Today was a long but exciting day. We began our day early with a long flight to Puerto Rico, which was then followed by a four hour lay over. While in the airport of San Juan, a couple of guys and myself went to margaritaville for a bite to eat and some time to relax, but after that it was back to traveling. We then boarded a plane that was smaller than any commercial airliner I have flown before and enjoyed a beautiful flight to the British Virgin Islands. Once we landed, I could immediately smell and feel the fresh ocean breeze and I was immediately excited for the dives and adventures to come. After we dragged ourselves through customs, we were met at a dock by Casey, who immediately took our spirits from tired to ready for the trip. At the dock, we boarded Casey and Jeff’s new boat the Sea Wolf. The Sea Wolf is a massive boat only used for snorkeling and was a recent addition to the Dive BVI equipment. After we got off the boat, we were finally done traveling for the day and we found ourselves on the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda. After we set foot on land, it was back into a vehicle, but this time it was a large taxi, which took us to our final destination, the Guava Berry hotel. Once there, I learned I would be living in the same house with my friends Reece, Bobby, and Cooper. We received our house and we were off to become accommodated with our resting place for the next week. Finally, we ate pizza with Casey and went over the awesome week she has planned for us. After that it was time to write our blogs, and then we will get some rest before and early rise and dive. I am very excited for the many experiences I will have on this trip and the many things I will learn while I’m here.