Day 1: Wierschem 


I don’t think I have ever woken up so quickly in my life.  At 3:30 my alarm went off and I jumped out of bed immediately.  This trip has been on my mind all summer long.  After a routine morning, The drive to the airport seemed to take forever, especially since I had drank a little caffeine.  Then the airport shenanigans began.  Some guys didn’t have all their ticket info, some had too much baggage, and some were still waking up, all of which slowed us down.  The first plane ride was a blast.  I first watched “American Sniper”.  The gentleman next to me was so much fun.  He showed me all kinds of creative pranks to play on my sleeping classmates.  Shortly thereafter I found myself the target of these tricks.  Arriving in Puerto Rico wasn’t all that bad, just a lot of waiting.  Oh, and the food was pretty overpriced. Before coming in to the BVI, my mind was full of random questions like “which side of the road do they drive on?”.  Our first steps out of the airport were greeted by the smiles of Casey and Jeff as they pulled up in their massive boat.  A short 15 minute boat ride later and I found myself on the island that I had been waiting weeks to visit.  It felt like a dream.  I can hardly wait to go on my first dive tomorrow in the crystal clear blue waters that I saw from the small puddle-jumper airplane.  Although I was very excited about what is in store for the rest of the week, I am positive that I will sleep well tonight.  I was a long day from start to finish: good preporation for the rest of the trip.