Day 1 – Travel


The excitement began at around 5 a.m. with a fellow student having some trouble with his ticket information.after everything was fixed up, we gradually made our way through airport security. After we had settled down in the gate entrance, everyone frolicked off to their own restaurants. I, an avid fan of eating a champions breakfast, went to the only place that was able to offer me such a treat, Qdoba. After my meal, we entered the plane, where I immediately fell asleep. After approximately 4 or so hours I woke up to the plane landing. Soon we began our layover in San Juan where we hung out as we waited for our next plane. After we entered the plane, we had a quick ride to Tortola. In Tortola, Jeff and Casey picked us up for a short boat ride to a nostalgic scene in Virgin Gorda. They were very kind and glad to see us again. Soon, we went back to Guava Berry, where I was reunited with the Jasmine house I stayed in last year. Then we went to Doc and Mr. Golabs cabin for a delicious pizza dinner, and a discussion about our dives the next week. I, along with my project group, was selected to be put on the “Sea Monkey” boat. Today may have been the most tiring day we will have, but it was the beginning to a fantastic trip that my peers and I will traverse in the following week.